Oh, misbehave

So you’ve planned out your story and have been working at it diligently, but now you’re stumped. The story has suddenly stopped writing itself…

Scenario: You’re working on a part where your main character is making a crucial decision, the type that tells what sort of person he is and that he just might have the makings of a hero. But your main character isn’t talking to you and all his friends are being glib. You start thinking that you took the wrong approach and now the villain starts to seem like a nice person, maybe just a little misunderstood. You might feel that you’ve lost the story altogether.

This is a good time to mine for possibilities and win back some cooperation from your main character.

Here are some tips to get your groove back:

• Start asking ‘what if.’ What if the stock market suddenly crashes? What if the houses catches fire? What if you’re main character gets sick or hurt?
• Make a different decision. Just because you like your plot, doesn’t mean your characters do. Let them misbehave. You might learn something.
• Switch the point of view. What does the scene you’re working on look like to a casual observer? What would it look like to a news reporter? Would your character’s mother have anything to say?


2 thoughts on “Oh, misbehave

  1. Thanks, LK! I think it’s okay for you to be in the story. Hitchcock and King both do cameos. Why not you? I don’t worry about differentiating characters too much, they will become different the more you learn about them. Keep on writing. 🙂

  2. I love how you word that. And its a brilliant idea, letting your characters misbehave…I also found the advice to try and imagine a reporter or whom-ever observe the scene…it helps with giving a fresh perspective. I’ve always kind of struggled with this, getting into character I mean, I somehow seem to make all my characters found a little bit like me or how I think they should respond than how they actually would depending on their personality.

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