My name is Carlo. I live in San Francisco, which you may know from shows like Full House or Charmed. I’m being sarcastic right now. My little sister says she can’t tell when I’m being sarcastic. You’ve just met me, so I’m telling you straight away. I’m 34, I think, that’s the last number I remember anyway. I’m a writer with a dayjob which I think describes most people, but I really really mean it.  I’m a gay filipino-american and confessed coffee-holic. I put Splenda in my coffee because it tastes good. My bf  is the most amazing fantastic support bf ever. Just sayin’.

What is this blog about?

I’m of the opinion that we’re all quite tired of making and even investigating made ‘things.’ Every composition, no matter how well thought out, decomposes and becomes meaningless. Even this little missive, which is supposed to preview how think and what I write, is losing relevance. I can feel your eyes looking around the page for something to click.

So what’s the solution? Take off your shoes!

What? Your shoes are already off? Take off your pants!

No, seriously. Take ‘em off. Reading blogs should be fun, a distraction, nothing to get uptight about, and definitely something you can dress down for. Comments are welcome, even from my friends who can’t resist teasing me.

In blogging, I try to let go of all notions about what blogging is and just hang out. From this point of view, it is impossible to fail at blogging.

It is however, quite possible to flail at it, which I gladly do for your amusement.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks, Lauren. You remind me that I should post some info about moving here with links to good sites. You may want to google Julie Ryan and check out her blog. She’s located in Wellington and has been here for eight years.

  2. What a lovely blog! My partner and I are looking to move to Wellington or Auckland in the next month or two. Thank you for such wonderful insight into living in NZ! 🙂

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