more than annoyed

this feeling is a gnat
a tiny buzzard
the inky speck
flapping in the molasses

gnat time is that
compressed fluttering
i hear in my heart

there is no escape from metaphor
common experience is not plain
stars collide, satyrs collude
stir all the cliches in the black pot
and pour them magma hot into the black kettle

nettled by a gnat
salved by it’s decomposition

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The Push Hands of Life

My sister’s blog is taking off! She’s creating new content on all sorts of topics, very fresh in-the-moment perspective on health and living well. Enjoy!

Inform Inspire Change

I found this feather on the farm today; its bottom stuck among the pebbles and its top barely glued to a spider web. The wind blew harshly against it, throwing it about.

Did this feather fight the wind? Did it try to force its own way? No, not today. Because the forces about it were strong, it bent with the wind instead. The feather went with the energy surrounding its being and allowed it to push it this way and that, each time readjusting itself.

Learning to flow with the energies of the universe is a difficult one. We all have our free will that wants what it wants. But it we are not in tune to what else is going on around us, if we do not listen, we could end up clashing against the forces and eventually breaking. Be more like this feather and learn to bend when…

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Changeday +1

Yes, the last three months did go as expected. I expected a series of days wherein the sun rises and I get out of a bed more or less the same person. In the fourth month, however, I accept the possibility that I could wake up in another body or in another dimensional plane. I mean, that’s how I got here in the first place, right?

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Mood Enhancer

It's very important to have an assortment of tricks when I'm in a bad mood, such as whiskey, vodka, beer, wine. Just kidding! Hanging out with the bf is alwas good, especially if a long walk is involved. Writing for an hour. Ice cream. Talking on the phone with a good friend. Back massage at the mall from this one guy in particular really knows how to open up my shoulders.

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Oh, misbehave

So you’ve planned out your story and have been working at it diligently, but now you’re stumped. The story has suddenly stopped writing itself…

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