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Oh, misbehave

So you’ve planned out your story and have been working at it diligently, but now you’re stumped. The story has suddenly stopped writing itself…

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Making decisions, and helping others do the same

Thinking is not doing. An obvious and somewhat daft statement, but if you’re an over thinker  like me it’s difficult to know when you’re over thinking. For me it helps to write things down, but even then it can be difficult to know when you’ve fleshed out an idea enough.

So here’s a simple metric (feel free to make your own): 500 words means you’ve thought about something, 1000 words means you’ve seriously considered it, 1500 words means you’re in line-of-sight to a decision, so make a choice already. Anything over 1500 words means you’re confused and need to take the next step.

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Worlds are waiting to be born

I’m pasting this in from my journal, just one more delay before starting this next chapter of the Story I’m Working On (SIWO).

Worlds are waiting to be born.

I don’t know exactly what I mean by worlds waiting to be born. If they’re not born, then what happens to them? If there are 10,000 manuscripts circulating Australia, waiting to be born, as it were, then I guess that there’s some part of me that says it’s not enough scripts.

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Return from Ireland

Andrew and I have just returned from our trip to Galway, Ireland. I have more pictures and AV clips that I didn’t have time to sort and upload. If you want to just skip straight to the pictures, the album is on Picasweb. Click here.

Your Questions
Since we’ve been back, people have asked us the same basic questions:

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Kilmacduagh Monastery

Returning from the Burren, we thought it would be nice to travel through a national park to get back to Galway. We thought the protected land might mean something in the way of lush natural scenery, but it just wasn’t happening. Andrew was growing tired of me flipping through classical music.

“What’s that over there?” Andrew said. I felt a little uneasy as a tower came into view.

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