Nano Complete!

It’s true! I’ve completed the nano novel and I can finally relax. “Child of the Apocalypse” has had it’s first incarnation. It’s chock full of flying squid and crazies with supernatural abilities and holograms with a desire to be loved. Thanks to coffee and sausage breakfast sandwiches for making this possible and to my husband for staying out of my way when I need silence and for getting in my way when I need distraction.

Can you read it? Yes, of course. Keep in mind that this is an unedited first draft.

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the typing monkey

I don’t think that I have much to blog about today, so I’m just posting the most boring video I’ve ever made, a video of me typing. For a whopping two point five minutes.

I figure that maybe someone might want to pretend that they have a writing buddy for fifteen minutes. Or perhaps you’d like to see how exactly one accomplishes an SFD/50K manuscript in 30 days. Well, folks, it’s just hours and hours of seat-of-your-pants typing, as is aptly demonstrated by this very exciting video.

And for all of you nano’s out there: please join me for the Friday mini-challenge. This is all out word-warring at it’s best ya’ll.

A quick note about my novel: the sides have become more pronounced. Rien and Lilith have teamed up to try to get everyone to upload into the supercomputer. Derrin and Danny have teamed up to form a humanist movement. An old word surfaces that hasn’t been heard for a couple generations: Peace.

43, 175 words and counting

Suffering and The Novel (Week Three of Nanowrimo)

Just a few notes as I enter into the dreamspace of the novel:

  • I reacted to the pressure from other writers to cause my characters suffering. It’s a habit of mine to think that suffering means death, as in: the plot’s gone on long enough so kill your characters now. Where on earth did I get that from? Everything so far has been incredibly plot-driven. I’m going to try to be a benevolent creator and only destroy the ones that must inevitably die to complete this story.

  • The reason that the powers that be want us to discover and communicate suffering now has to do with finishing the novel. We have to reach the point in the novel where all hope shall soon be lost and we simply can’t do that if everyone’s in the same place at the end as they were in the beginning. Loss, illness, complication, consequences… all these things need to start happening now. But the writer has the responsibility to make sure that such trials are not perfunctory and are furthermore meaningful.

  • In order to accomplish meaning at this stage of writing the novel, the genuine feelings of the writer are suddenly very important. Those feelings are a needed resource. I’m realizing today as I enter into the novel that I need to find my own feelings about living, dying, suffering, and striving in order to have empathy for my characters and to express them in a sincere way.

So here I go, I’m shooting for five thousand words today. Let’s pray it won’t be a bloodbath.

36,133 words and counting!

Fat and Survival

First of all, I’m getting fat. The demon spawn of café culture has gone straight to my arse. I have become more and more lethargic on my 5 am walk to S*bucks for one reason and one reason alone: the friggin’ BREAKFAST SANDWICH.

I cannot resist these things at 5 am in the morning. My eat healthy mantra is strong, but bacon’s ancient eat me battlecry overpowers me. I was going to hold off on the exercise until December, but I don’t think I can wait that long.

The novel is coming along, but this morning it occurred to me that I ‘m not sure who is going to live. I’m not favoring the initial hero and I would really like it if I could save the gay couple. We’re trult in a testing ground now. I’ve explored all the characters that I think are interesting, set out the terrain and scope of their universe, assigned them all goals and desires, set up the overall arc of the plot, and now with less than two weeks to go, I’m realizing that the story has to end and it’s too soon.

To forge onward, I’ll have to put all my characters to the test. It’s time for a twist, my friends. Some will survive and others will fall to the wayside. It will take at least fifteen more breakfast sandwiches. Bacon, you may be the only winner this month.

Nano Cover Art

I’m avoiding noveling this morning since I have to go to work and I have this cough and, well, I don’t really have a good excuse since I have two whole hours to kill… But it’s much more fun to tinker with cover art. The pic above is of Kenny. We found a dilapidated warehouse lot on the watefront and decided to take some post apocalyptic photos there. Our shadows cast on the cement were probably the most convincing since despite the deterioration of the warehouse, there was still growing grass and you can see cars moving in the background of most of the pictures.

15,057 words and counting… slowly, today 🙂

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Saturday Morning Write-In

I’ll be at Philz Coffee until noon if anyone wants to do a Saturday morning write in.

The coffee is smooth and the location is right on the T-Line at 4th and King.

That’s Right, I Finished

I finished! I’m done. The SFD (Shitty First Draft) of my novel is done. The title is “Rapport.” It’s about two gay guys that are just out for a good time, but when one of their sexual playmates dies upon orgasm so does the fun. Or does it? Enter a beguiling spirit who can show them how to bring all the fun back. Or does he have a more sinister cause?

By the way, did I tell you I’M DONE!!! Logged in at 50,049 words just now.

Oh, yeah, booty dance! Wooo hooo!